Ex-employee Verification Using eLockr

Why eLockr??

eLockr is a free platform that not only streamlines the ex-employee verification process but also automates it.  With eLockr, all you need to do is issue digital credentials to your ex-employees when they leave, and eLockr will take care of the rest.

Issue documents to ex-employees using eLockr

Imagine if you could access all your digitally verifiable documents (eg. experience letters, payslips, etc.) issued by all your ex-employers at one single place, accessible by logging in using email-OTP or mobile number-OTP.

Employee verification automation

eLockr – Empowering Modern India

Use eLockr for Issuing formal employment credentials (equivalent to experience certificates) to ex-employees. Similar credentials for while-collar professionals or blue-collar professionals. Even for people who were in a contractual job.