From Attrition to Retention – a journey with the free eLockr platform

Webinar by
Piyush Peshwani

Co-Founder & CEO, OnGrid and eLockr

  • Date: 4th May 2022
  • Time: 3 PM
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
Piyush Peshwani

About the webinar

Attrition is a reality! No organization can escape it. But can you use attrition to your advantage? 

Join the webinar on eLockr to know how you can set up processes in the ex-employee’s deboarding journey to achieve small process wins, and eventually use attrition insights for better retention. All this for free. 

Come and learn how to adopt practices that will create a better working world!

About eLockr

eLockr is a free-to-use HR 2.0 platform using which an organization can:

  1. Write or issue employment credentials to its ex-employees, that can be verified digitally. At any time during their lives
  2. Automate their ex-employee verification process
  3. Convert a cost-function into cost-savings! 
  4. Increase employee accountability
  5. Get useful attrition insights

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