Handling the great resignation – Real employee sentiment analysis

Session by

Piyush Peshwani

Co-Founder, CEO, OnGrid and eLockr

Date: 10th December 2021

Time: 3 PM

Duration: 60 Minutes

What do your employees truly feel?

So you are a 4.3 out of 5 of “Culture and Environment”. Or a 4.1 on “Compensation and Benefits”. Yet your attrition is higher than your peers. Join the webinar to know why. 

eLockr survey Parameters include

  1. Career growth
  2. Compensation and benefits
  3. Culture and environment
  4. Leadership that you can trust
  5. Relationship with manager
  6. Training and personal growth
  7. Vision and mission
  8. Work-life balance 

About eLockr Surveys

Current and ex-employee sentiment analysis systems are mostly broken by design. So are exit interviews. eLockr Surveys solves that and brings to you a methodology that is robust yet simple! In the long run, eLockr surveys can help you pinpoint the actual reasons for attrition, and also what your current employees truly feel. 

In other words, if you come to know that you are a 4 on 5, but still a 28 percentile on the parameter of “Relationship with manager”, your house is on fire!

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