Lockers – for Employment verification in the 21st century

Date: 19th May 2021

Time: 3 PM

Duration: 60 Minutes

Session by

Piyush Peshwani

Co-Founder, CEO, OnGrid and eLockr

About eLockr:

eLockr is an HR 2.0 solution where an organization can write or issue employment credentials of its ex-employees, that can be verified instantly and digitally by new employers or service providers.

eLockr lets an organization issue employment records as well as documents (relieving letter, salary slips, experience letter, Form 16, etc.), thus enabling candidates to view their employment record(s) and document(s) seamlessly without the hassle of scavenging through year-old emails to access the documents when needed.

Key takeaways

The webinar is set to address how eLockr (Complimentary platform) empowers the HR functionalities as well as employees during the exit and post deboarding processes.

The eLockr platform functions with a vision to :

1) Reduce ex-employment verification TAT from industry standard of 24-35 days to less than 48 hrs, thus ensuring an ex-employee’s candidature is not compromised

2) How the HR team is incentivized (Monetary as well as non monetary) through eLockr

3) eLockr as a user interface to access authentic and tamper proof employment documents



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